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The research of the HMI-Group at DCAITI is focused on the optimization of the development and engineering of HMI-components for the in vehicle-telematics of premium class limousines. The goal consists in improvements concerning the quality of products as well as the quality of processes. Room for improvements and means of compensations are identified.

Modeling Concepts

A major focus lies on the definition of modeling concepts for HMI-components and applications which satify three important requirements:

The concepts have to be escpecially well-suited for the description of HMI specifics. The goal consists in the definition of a domain-specific modeling language for HMI components.

A rigorous semantic which is mathematically sound and well-founded. Such a semantic is an important precondition for automatic analysis, validation and model-based testing. Only with such a formal foundation modeling concepts can contribute to the improvement of processes by reducing the development risks in early phases of the process.

A third crucial factor for the success of formal methods in industrial praxis is the applicability and manageability of modeling concepts. Of specific importance are the backgrounds and the capabilities which are available in interdisciplinary development teams. The needs of the people which are involved in the development process should be directly reflected in the definition of the modeling concepts.

Formal support in different process stages


Modeling concepts provide formal support in different stages of the process.

Innovative Solutions and Prototyping

Prototyping is in important means to validate the experience of advanced HMI-features. The group frequently develops prototypes for advanced features of in-vehicle telematics. These activities contribute directly to the further development and refinement of these new feature.

In related activities the group explores the impact of recent innovations in the field of telematics for the development of new application in the automotive domain. An important issue in this field is the integration of CE-devices (consumer electronics). The group frequently develops prototyps demonstrating the feasability of new ideas and innovative solutions. Many of these ideas involve the usage of the iphone and the gphone.

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